Award Winning

Pepperwood Catering

We have been offering authentic smoked foods (no charcoal in our smoke) for the past 20 years. From Chef Rollin’ Ribs’ humble beginnings, setting up his mobile 600 gallon smoker affectionately known as “bertha” in parking lots, street corners or bar fronts to the NEW 2002 Catering Services Menu, Customers have been raving about the food. We have been catering events for 20 years for companies that include: TARC, Penske, Harshaw Trane, KPMG, Presbyterian USA, BellSouth, Ford, and GE, just to name a few – for up to 5,000 people. Feel free to check out any of our references! We are the #1 on-site catering company around and rated as one of the top caterers in Louisville. We can do it all and even include your activities if necessary. Sound interesting? Give us a call so we can tell you what we are all about.

Whether you have the St. Louis Style or the Baby Back Ribs you are in for a treat. The ribs are coasted with Chef Rollin’s season secret run and then slowly smoked with hickory wood, delivering to your taste buds “fall off the bone” ribs that will excite all your senses.

The Award Winning Pork Tenderloin, “…is what drove me crazy enough to get into the restaurant business”, says Chef Rollin’! When you cut into this wonderfully browned exterior you reveal a supple interior that has been smoked with an apple wood to a hot pink color. Next, take the tender and it into Pepperwood’s Honey Dijon and WHAM, you lose your free will and must do whatever is necessary to obtain the next bite.

Now our Beef Brisket is something to behold. Most people north of Texas have yet to have the pleasure to see, let alone taste, an oak-mesquite wood smoked brisket. The brisket is difficult meat to prepare. Just like a Texan, you cannot rush the preparation of this meat. When Pepperwood smokes this low-fat cut beef for 12 hours, it offers a flavor like no other. We suggest you serve your brisket thinly sliced, coasted with Peppercorn‘s own Texas Mud sauce on a thick slice of Texas Toast. Call us to discuss you next special event or party. We’d love to help!